His guitar-playing talent attracted attention. At the tender age of 19, he crossed the Atlantic to
study at the mythical Berklee College of Music in Boston. On guitar, he enjoyed collaborations
with Dany Walsh,  the Boclé brothers and Stéphane Allard (Montreal Symphonic Orchestra).

On his return to France, Rime continued his craft as a studio and live session guitarist for
French mainstream singers. Alongside this career as a sideman, he put together a band with
the evocative name "Kab Kabinet et les chasses du Comte Zaroff". He also played on the first
Ultramarine album "Programme Jungle", then embarked upon a 'lyrical fusion' experiment with
Nguyên Lê in the weird and wonderful group Soap Op. Dominique di Piazza (John Mc Laughlin)
and Stéphane Huchard were among the other talents involved in Christophe Rime's musical
adventures around this time.
From the 1990s Rime turned his hand increasingly to production and arrangement. He worked
on the "Magic Hands " album by the Indian star Kakoli (co-produced by Peter Gabriel),
produced the " Soul Preserves " album and singles "Stairway to Heaven" and "The Darkstone
will Shine " by the singer Audren, plus the Georges Seba album, to mention a few.

1995 saw the release of his first album, entitled "RIME", on Night and Day records. Christophe
is accompanied by Mokhtar Samba, Michel Alibo and Pierre Olivier Govin. " RIME " received
favourable reviews and his melodies are used as title sequences for a number of radio shows.
An eclectic artist, Rime is also a composer and arranger of music for video games, such as
Motoracer II (over 1,700,000 copies sold), Darkstone (880,000 copies) and Motoracer World
Tour/ Motoracer 3 (800,000 copies), featuring Luc Van Acker (Ministry, Won Ton Ton ).

In June 2000, he was awarded the "Sound for 2000" prize by the Val de Marne regional council,
the resulting work "Vert l'an 2000" was performed in public from October. He has since
composed music for television advertisements, documentaries and series on all French national
broadcasters (TF6, FR2, FR3, FR5, MCM, Arte, Eurosport..).
2003 finally sees the release of his second album " Heavy Loud Funk Menuet ", which had been
in the cooking pot for over two years. Released on Night and Day, and featuring such
prestigious guests as Paco Sery, Linley Marthe and Laurent De Wilde, the album treats the
listener to a blend of electro and jazz-fusion. It stayed several months in the top 5 of the TSF
(#1 French Jazz Radio) playlist.

In 2005, the album " Blues Back Home " (Night and Day) wins wide acclaim. Sitting somewhere
between Blues and World music, the record enables Rime to return to his first love : the Delta
Blues. Etienne Mbappé, Djeli Moussa Diawara, Roger Biwandu, Allen Hoist are among those
bringing their warmth to this enchanting musical voyage. Several songs from the album are
included in the film soundtrack of " Frankie " (with Diane Kruger) in 2006.
Christophe Rime has been also Director of the Centre des Musiques Actuelles, music school in
Valenciennes from 2004 to 2007.

2007 sees the release of his fourth album "RIME Live !", which has been recorded and filmed
live at the Tryptique. The album/DVD features the usual live team (Roger Biwandu, Mike
Clinton, Allen Hoist, P.O.Govin, Claude Terranova).

Chris is frequently asked to work as a Consultant/writer for the french magazine GUITARIST &
BASS since 2006. He also wrote several Guitar Methods « Generation Guitare » (collective
work, Carisch publ. 2006), " Le Home studio pour Guitaristes et Bassistes" (Eyrolles 2011), «
Tout sur les gammes pentatoniques » (Carisch, 2009), and more recently  «Tout sur la guitare
Blues » (Carisch, 20013).

On his fifth album, Chris rearranged the main themes from the TV shows issued in the 60’s and
the 70’s. "TV Orchestra", released in 2012, features Marcus Miller and many others. Since
2012, Chris has toured with his band as a leader, and played with various artists (Tairo, Axel
Tony, George Seba, Chœur Gospel de Paris, Djeli Moussa Diawara, …) as a sideman.

Chris is now a Framus-Warwick endorsed artist.

Chris fell into the magic cauldron of music as a child. After an early
start on drums, he soon found himself enchanted by the guitar. His
first experiences as a young performer were at private parties after
school. At 16, he received his first commission: to write the score of
a short film by the daughter of the monumental French actor, Jean
He began to play regularly in Paris jazz clubs, including the Utopia,
Sunset, Petit journal Montparnasse, and New Morning.
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